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About Allie... 

Born just outside of Rochester, NY in a small town called Honeoye Falls, Allie's first show was Old Macbeth Had a Farm where she played Witch #4 (aka the sweet/nice one) and was given a feather duster to act with on that middle school stage. From that fateful day, Allie has gone on to do theatre as a hobby, until one afternoon senior year in High School when watching Lord of the Rings, that she decided she wanted to be an actress. 

Now a resident of the LES, Allie is an actor, playwright, and (at times) a Dramaturg. She is a graduate of Marymount Manhattan College, where she has spent the last four years studying acting and other disciplines of theatre. Her college acting career started in an immersive production of A Doll's House as Christine Linde. She went on to intern at the Pearl Theatre Company and fell in love with recreating history on stage. She also is a major history nerd, and will argue with you on many ancient subjects, including but not limited to the War of the Roses.