About Allie... 

Born just outside of Rochester, NY in a small town called Honeoye Falls, Allie's first show was Old Macbeth Had a Farm where she played Witch #4 or the "Nice One," and when she first walked out on that middle school stage she knew this was her calling. From that fateful day, Allie has gone on to do theatre as a hobby, until one afternoon senior year in High School when watching Lord of the Rings, that she decided she wanted to pursue a theatrical career. 

Now a resident of the Lower East Side, Allie is an actor, a playwright, and (at times) a Dramaturg. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Marymount Manhattan College, where she spent the last four years studying acting, among other disciplines of theatre. Her college career started in an immersive production of Ibsen's A Doll's House as Christine Linde. She went on to a sketch comedy club, The Dead Rabbit's Society, Director's Projects, and a Main Stage Production. Throughout the BFA program she studied classical technique, including High Comedy and Shakespeare. Favorite scene studies include Noel Coward's Fallen Angels and Richard III as Lady Anne. She went on to intern at the Pearl Theatre Company and fell in love with recreating history on stage, as well as the crossover between historical and contemporary context through storytelling.

Allie also is a major history nerd, and will argue with you on many ancient subjects, including but not limited to the War of the Roses.